Bluestacks Is It Safe? Android Apps on PC

Is Bluestacks Safe to Run Android Apps on PC ?

First let me tell you what is Bluestacks App player and why you would like to use it. BlueStacks App Player is PC application that allow you to run android apps on your PC or mac. it will turns your PC into an android device that can simulate Android mobile. Cool right ? I loved the Idea of having additional android device on my PC to test new apps and games. Also don't worry about turning your PC into android device as it will not turn your computer totally to android device, but it use the concept of virtualization which is creating virtual machine on your windows or mac to run the android OS on it separately. you will use Bluestacks as any other desktop application on your windows or mac.

Bluestacks App player was created by Bluestacks company located in the silicon valley and founded in 2009 Jay Vaishnav, Suman Saraf and Rosen Sharma, former CTO at McAfee and a board member of, the company produced to main products Bluestacks App player and and other cloud-based cross-platform products.

Why Would You Use Bluestacks?

Bluestacks is an awesome PC and Mac OS application that turns your PC into android device, this allows you to download and install most of android applications and games on your computer. This ability gives you many advantages like :

  • Testing new android apps securely before installing on your real device

  • Evaluate games and apps without overwhelming your mobile phone

  • Run android apps even if you are iPhone owner

  • If you are an app developer and need to test your application different devices

If you are blog owner or write about android apps and games, for sure you always need to download and install new apps and games for review and taking screen shots, this is one of the best uses of Bluestacks.

 Is Bluestacks Safe to use ?

I see this question many times on forums and also heard it from some of my friends, people are asking is it safe to use Bluestacks ?

The short answer to this question is Yes! Bluestacks is totally safe to use. just download the official package from the software creator company which is Bluestacks app player is used by around 130 million users around the world it also awarded the best software in 2012 from

The only security issue in Bluestacks app player that you need to consider is your accounts that you use on your virtual android device. it is recommended to use different google account on on Bluestacks device than the one you use on your mobile phone, and this is because bluestacks app player allow you to sync your data and information between your virtual device and your other real devices. This can lead to forgetting your important data on the virtual device, also remember that the main goal of using Bluestacks is to try and evaluate new apps which may not be the most secure apps, so try to keep your new virtual android device away from your real data, unless you are testing the sync of data or need your data to be synced intentionally.

Is Bluestacks Legal ?

Another question that I heard, is it legal to use Bluestacks ? and Yes its totally legal, the software have its own licences and it is sponsored and approved by some of the industry mega brands like Samsung, AMD, ASUS and much more. you can check the complete list of Bluestacks partners here

Is Bluestacks App Player Free?

Bluestacks was totally free until few months back, and now it still free for trail for few days then you have two options to continue with Bluestacks

  1. Pay $2 per month

  2. Stay with free version but you will be requested to download on of the  sponsored apps  every day

Download Bluestacks App Player

At the end if you find that you need to have additional android device on your PC you should try Bluestacks as it is one of the best options in the market for this propose. go download the official version of the software from and enjoy playing with android games and apps on your PC.

How to Install Bluestacks

The below video show how to easily install Bluestacks on your windows machine
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