Top 30 Best Websites To Watch Movies Online Free Streaming

We all like watching movies in our free time, we love watching movies in theater, TV and online too. But nowadays online streaming movies is one of the top trending interests. And this is because the huge jump in the internet speed availability around the world and the enhanced technology of the video streaming in the web players. Also it is easier to stream the movie you like than download it, you can simply watch part of the movie on one of the movies streaming websites and if you don’t like it you can switch to other movie without waiting to download the whole movie.

Websites To watch movies online free streaming

Therefore every day a new website that offer a huge number of new movies appear online and provide a big list of HD quality movies to watch online without downloading.

The main problem in this big number of websites that not all of them bring good user experience regarding the movie quality, bandwidth, site navigation and ads interruption.
Bonus: Check The Best HD Movies Online websites in 2017 , this list will let you find the best place to watch HD Movies.

For this reason we created this list of the Top 30 best website to watch movies online for free to help you to find your favorite movies with the best experience ever. We also would like you to add your review on each site if you like it or not.

First before we list the detailed list lets see our own favorite website lists

Top 10 best watch free movies online websites


Popcorn Time is the king of free online movie streaming websites, it is one of the pioneer websites that use torrent files to stream movies to end users.

The website offer a client software that you need to download to watch movies, the client software is ads and virus free and provide the best quality and user experience you can ever have in watching online movies. You must try popcorn time


Watch New movies online is one of the best free streaming movies online that have a big collection of movies including the latest new movies, the website have high quality movies as well as normal quality movies.

What I like in this free streaming site is the simple user interface that make it easy to navigate and select your favorite movies.The Home page provide the latest movies and trending movies on the site, this site can be your only source of online movies without the need to search for another one.

#3.  MyDownloadTube

This is a huge website that have the best quality and latest movies available online, you will not be overwhelmed with ads and pop ups on this website. The site categories movies with Genres that let you choose the category you want to select to make searching movies easy task.

MyDownloadTube also allow you to download the movie if you need the movie on your disk. You still can watch and download all the movies without registration or waiting for many ads popups to finish.

#4. Hulu

Hulu is very popular movies streaming website it contains thousands of movies, HD movies and TV shows to stream and watch online, the online problem on this website that they blocked users from outside US. You can only view movies on Hulu if you are accessing it from the US or using a proxy server from the US. We think this may be due to the huge demand and traffic on the website.


NewMovies website make it easy for you to watch your movies straight away from its home page, you just need to go to the website home page, look for the latest movies available and select the movie you like to watch and you are ready to go and enjoy watch the movie online for free.

 #6. TheMovieTube

One of the top best free movie streaming websites where you can find your movies with HD quality. The website have elegant user interface simple for navigation and you can also watch movies from any device wither it is PC, Mac, iPhone or android phone.


Personally I love because it took me 3 seconds to watch the movie I want without any popup ads or any interruption. This maybe for a while until the site owner will add the ads to monetize the site. It also have the usual simple user interface and big list of the latest new movies.


Another good website to watch movies online but with some tricky ads that you need to find your way around them, the website have the same collection of movies that are listed on the above sites.


MovieRill work in a different way than the other listed websites, it mainly collect movies links from all over the web and play movies from these links, the website offer a good watching experience and have no ads which make it standout in the crowd of the streaming movies websites


One of the best websites that appeared lately, the website provide very good watching movies experience and neat interface and navigation with very few ads. You will love this website for online streaming movies for sure

Next Top 20 free movies streaming online websites

The next list represent the next to 20 websites that we still evaluate them, you can try them by yourself and share with us your opinion




















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